“Love is always strong, never weak. Love is firm, never looking away nor avoiding. Love is constant and undisturbed. Love is patient, never rushed. Love is persistent, never deterred. Love never judges, never hates, never engages in retribution. Love is the one Real force in this world, only Love obtains lasting result. Everything else is but passing fancy, a passing cloud. Wars come and go, anger rises and wains, fear is petulant, greed never satisfied. Dust to dust, the unreal never ceases to be unreal. Love is the only answer to all that ails us, and it is actually easy to obtain, to demonstrate. Love is the only force which requires neither objective attainment nor experience. It requires no particular treatment, not even acknowledgement. Love is your very own nature, every situation given is opportunity to both find Love within and to express it, finally to BE an expression of Love.

Love one another without condition, Love your own Self without condition, and be free. End the determination of what is to be loved, what is worthy of Love, and what is not, and know thy own Self as Love. May all be free, may all know Love.”

– Swami Sankarananda 


Featured photo by Renee Fisher on Unsplash



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