“Fear is so pandemic in our society that it constitutes the predominant ruling emotion of our world.
Fear is associated with our survival, and so it is given a special accord in our minds. For most people, fear is so all-pervasive that their life really constitutes one giant set of compensatory devices to conquer their fears. However, even this does not suffice, so that the media present us over and over again with fearful situations, as in this morning’s news: “Terrorist group threatens to poison our food supply.” Such headlines are constant, as though to give the mind further opportunities to master that most dreaded of all emotions. As the lyrics of the song put it, “We are caught between a fear of living and a fear of dyin


To understand how fear is self-reinforcing, we have to stop and look at another one of the laws of consciousness: What one holds in mind tends to manifest. What this means is that any thought which we consistently hold in mind and consistently give energy to will tend to come into our life according to the very form in which our mind has held it. Thus, fear engenders fearful thoughts. The more we hold these thoughts in mind, the more likely the feared event will happen in our life, which again reinforces our fear.”

– David R. Hawkins. “Letting Go.”

{delightful interview in English with Bulgarian subtitles; the book the author speaks about seems to have not been translated in English yet}

“We might picture love to be like the sunlight and negative thoughts like the clouds. Whereas our higher, greater Self is like the sun, all the negative thoughts, doubts, fears, anger, and resentments that we hold dim the light of the sun and, finally, the light comes through only weakly. It was Jesus Christ who said that we all, with faith, potentially have the power to heal. The saint, or person of high consciousness, is by definition one who has removed the clouds of negativity and radiates the full healing power of the sun. That is also why saintly beings have such magnetic power that they attract multitudes to their physical presence. As an example, when the late Indian saint Sri Ramana Maharshi had a birthday, 25,000 people stood in the sweltering tropical sun shoulder-to-shoulder in one solid mass to celebrate his presence and wish him well.
As we consistently let go of resisting our fears and allow them to be surrendered, the energy that was tied up in the fear is relinquished and now becomes available to shine forth as the energy of love. Therefore, unconditional love has the greatest power of all, and that love is the power of the celebrated saints. ”

– David R. Hawkins. “Letting Go.”



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