“It is an old association, and a misunderstanding, that to be a nonconformist is to be a rebel. The nonconformist is a reactionary; he acts out of anger, rage, violence and ego. His action is not based in consciousness. Although he goes against the society, just to be against the society is not necessarily to be right. In fact most of the time to move from one extreme to another is always to move from one wrong to another wrong.

The rebel acts with a tremendous balance, and that is not possible without awareness, alertness, and immense compassion. It is not a reaction, it is an action — not against the old, but for the new.

The rebel is creating the new world so that this misery and this suffering and this ugly society disappears and man can live more naturally, more beautifully, more lovingly, more peacefully, enjoying all the riches that existence makes available, all the gifts of life which are invaluable.

Freedom, love, silence, truth, enlightenment, the ultimate flowering of your being — all are available to the true rebel. The hindrances just have to be removed. All the old structures were creating more and more hindrances and obstructions against your growth. If the rebel is against those obstructions, it is to enable the new man to live without fetters, to live without imprisonment, to live outside the concentration camps and to live a life as free as a bird on the wing … as free as a rosebush dancing in the rain, in the sun; as free as a moon moving in the sky beyond the clouds in utter beauty, blissfulness and peace.

The rebel is a totally different kind of man from the nonconformist. Never forget it, because to be a nonconformist is very easy, but to be a rebel needs a tremendous transformation in your being.”



“The first job of one who comes to work in consciousness is to accept the 360 degrees of selfhood. This 360 degrees of complete humanity is also a 360 degrees of complete divinity. There is much catalyst for anger, irritation, even rage, in the bumping up against other entities which mirror back to the self the self’s dark side.

How painful it is to see that dark side of self, yet when this is seen, should the heart not rejoice, for this is a portion of a perfection. That perfection is shrouded in mystery. Why it is perfection to have both the virtue and the vice is a question forever unanswered except by internalized experience. It is difficult, indeed, to accept the whole self, to love and nurture that very self none other, none better, or wiser, or sweeter, but that self at that moment. The acceptance of self by self is perhaps the most difficult, and yet the most fundamental work in consciousness one can do, and you shall do it time and time again for there is no lack of opportunity to gaze into the mirror of other selves and see the criminal mind at work.

Forgiving the self, accepting that self, in its imperfection and error as perceived by the self, is difficult precisely because the self knows what it is thinking at all times. Within the self, there is much work to do to humble that self that does not want to have a dark side to the point that in all humility the self may say, “Dear, dear self, I do accept you and I want to nurture you and love you and comfort you.” This acceptance of self by self is absolutely fundamental to work in consciousness and you shall be working on this one always, for the truth recedes infinitely directly in front of the gaze of the seeker.”

-Q’uo -The Law Of One



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