“Oneness often sounds very cheesy, and seems to not be a part of our current reality and paradigm of duality. Nevertheless, we are always all connected, although we are experiencing the illusion of separation. We are all connected through space and energetic vibration (the quantum field). Our bodies touch the air, the air touches the trees, the buildings, other people etc. We are all part of this overall reality and organism, and we are co-creating our collective experience every day with our average inner vibration, as described in “The Law of Attraction/Synchronization“.

This one superorganism we are forming with everything and everyone around us permanently learns and evolves through the experiences of individual aspects (you, me, the tree, the fly, the blood cell, the air particle etc) in a permanent feedback loop. All information gathered from an individual experience goes to unity consciousness, where we can access it, without having had the experience physically. This is often referred to as the 100 monkey effect.

The moment we truly understand “As within, so without”, we no longer judge, blame or separate ourselves from anything we perceive in our outside reality. We know that every single act of ours has an effect on the Whole, because we are connected through space and the quantum field. Everything is connected through space (quantum field)


* The collective experience is a collective co-creation
* Everything is part of a larger superorganism
* The one superorganism learns via individual experience in permanent feedback loop
* Self-love is key to Oneness (as within so without)
* Each act of an individual has an effect on the Whole”





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