“Self criticism is a generational infection we catch from others. Love is the ointment, purifier, vaccination, and immune system. As you swim upstream against a cultural current that degrades you, may you take long baths in the natural hot springs of honoring your sacredness. “I am a sacred thing.” Say it until the embers catch and flame in you. Forever. How do you practice honoring yourself? “

JAIYA JOHN, Daughter Drink This Water


“No more reason to hide in the shadows, pretending to be like everybody else. After all, they too are hiding their Light. All those suppression habits you have deepened throughout your life, just so you can fit in. There is nothing to fit into, except yourself. 

No more lids, curtains, masks, or veils. Your Light keeps seeping out regardless. Everyone notices. You are extra-ordinary. All your suffering is because you are suppressing a great force that needs to be let out. Like a Doberman in a birdcage. A geyser in a tea kettle. A mountain inside a molecule. 

Nothing compares to you. You are beyond belief. And yet, you must believe: I am Divine. 

Now, show us your Light.”

– JAIYA JOHN, Calm: Inspiration for a Possible Life.

Featured photo by Ava Sol



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