“Love is the most important inquiry in life. If you solve that, you will resolve all other inquiries in life, whether they be personal, communal, family-related or universal. Love is the force that transforms everything and saves man. It comes in a real, аlive form and removes all barriers. Whoever manages to reach it, enters the realm of sanity…

Love is sublime… Love is fundamental, it is the base of everything, since it is a virtue that is blind towards the mistakes of people and does not get offended by anything. Even in people’s biggest mistakes it only sees good. Love is deaf to all bad, hurtful words. You cannot make the loving heart bitter, neither darken the loving mind, nor disturb the loving soul. A loving person will smile at all offence and bitterness. Love is an unbeatable force. Whoever has Love is a strong person… “



“To love somebody who loves you is easy, but to love somebody, who does not love you is where the power lies and he is the one who can teach you so many useful lessons. Everybody can love the ones who love them, that’s human. However, to be well meaning towards the ones who are not well meaning towards you, that is divine. Everybody can teach the smart ones, but to teach the foolish, who will respond with madness, that’s divine! If you are angry, you will never attain love. When you are angry, you are far from love. One cannot find love with anger, suspicion and doubt as their companions. The one who truly loves never regrets that they love even if their love is unrequited.

Life cannot be improved without love, without good deeds, without right and light thoughts. Physical love must be an interlude for spiritual love. Spiritual love must be an unterlude to Divine Love.”

– Peter Deunov



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