“To know the strong masculine principle, yet abide by the gentle female principle is like being the
valley of the world where all rivers will flow into.
This is alike all virtue which will merge into the subtle Tao.
Being a valley of the world and not depart from the true nature, once can return to original
pureness like an infant.
When one knows the white that is splendor, yet holds on to the black that is humble and lowly.
He can be a standard of the world.
Being a standard of the world and not deviate from true nature, one is able to return to the void
of Tao.
To know what is honor, yet abide by the dishonored, is like a valley of the world which is
modest and humble.
Being the valley of the world makes possible the true virtue to be complete and sufficient.
And hence can return to simplicity.
When the nature of simplicity is being manifested, it results into various vessels.
And by applying the pure simplicity, a saint can master all things.
Hence, the Great Tao is a unified Oneness which cannot be separated apart.”



“One who knows other people is wise.
One who knows himself is enlightened.
To overcome others is strong.
To overcome oneself is the will of power.
One who is contented is rich.
One who is determined has the strength of will.
Those who embrace their true nature shall long live.
He who is enlightened with the original nature,
Although dies physically, is eternally united with the everlasting Tao.”




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