* We knit our reality…* 💫

🌈 ′′ Grandpa, can I ask you why I see you sitting on that bench on the court every afternoon and you smile towards the sun?”

🌈 The old man slowly lowered his head, stopped briefly, looked at him with great tenderness and replied with great peace: ′′ I knit “.

🌈 The boy smiled. ′′ How do you knit grandfather without wool and needles?”

🌈 ′′ I knit realities “, said the old man.

🌈 ′′ It may seem like I’m not doing anything here “, he continued, ′′ but by staying calm, I let my heart create a harmonious environment. I also bless everyone passing by this place with my thoughts and intentions to have the best day. This is how I knit.

🌈 I always greet them with love, I smile at them openly, and when I see them sad, I lift my stick and say, come on, it’ll be fine. I also ask the birds to help me give them strength through their singing because their wonderful sounds revitalize and heal “.

🌈 The boy was absolutely amazed. He couldn’t believe what he was hearing.

🌈 ′′ In this glowing task of contributing to the creation of harmonious environments, I am not alone “, the old man said.

He spread his arms and shouted:

′′ Look at the beauty the trees are emanating. Smell the wonderful fragrance the flowers share with us without asking for anything. Look at these bees tireless work and see how free the dogs play.

🌈 Feel the wind caress you. Existence knits too, in its own way. In my case, I like to knit with light threads, so every afternoon I open my heart for the sun rays to kick in, pet me and anchor themselves on the ground along with my purest feelings so that Mother Earth feels how much I love her “.

🌈 Finally, the old man stressed: ′′ No matter how old we are, we all can help weave the fabric of a more conscious, sensitive, solidarity and humane world by letting our best intentions travel beyond borders.

🌈 We can also radiate a lot of love so that wounds close, hearts open and everyone reaches their maximum potential to discover the transformational power of simple things “.

🌈 The boy’s eyes started to shine. And at that moment the boy gratefully whispered, ′′ I’m going home grandpa. I have to tell my mom all this because she who is one of the people I love most in this world still knits with wool and needles “.

– Julius Andrés Pagano




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