“Freedom has to be understood. It is a very delicate matter, a very subtle matter, one of the most profound, because freedom is equivalent to godliness….

“Three things have to be understood. First, there is a kind of freedom that you are acquainted with: that is freedom from. A child wants to be free of the parents. The slave wants to be free from the master, from the boss. This is freedom from; it is a reaction, it is the ego asserting itself. And I am not saying there is anything wrong in it; you just have to watch the different colors of freedom.

“When you are seeking freedom from, sooner or later you will fall into another trap – because it is a reaction and not an understanding. That’s what happened in all the revolutions in the past….

“Freedom from is not true freedom.

“Then there is another kind of freedom: freedom for. The second kind of freedom, which is far better than the first. The first is negative. The second is positive: one wants to be free to do something. For example, you want to be free of your family because you are in love with music. You are not really against the family. You are for music, and the family creates a hindrance, so you escape from the family. You are not against the family, against the parents, but they want you to become an engineer and you want to become a musician.

“And it is good to be a musician even if you have to suffer for it. It is better to be a musician if you really want to be a musician, if you have a passion for it, than to be a successful engineer, rich, comfortable, safe….

“This is the second kind of freedom: freedom for.

“The real freedom is the third kind, the transcendental freedom. What is that? It is neither from nor for; it is simply freedom. It is just freedom. That is moksha: just freedom. Neither against anybody – it is not a reaction; nor to create some future – there is no goal. One simply enjoys being oneself, for its own sake; it is an end unto itself.”

– To continue reading this OSHO Talk, visit: Trust Is a State of Your Being


It is such a beautiful vision for human beings. Where did it all go wrong?

“Everybody wants freedom as far as talking is concerned, but nobody really is free and nobody really wants to be free, because freedom brings responsibility. It does not come alone. And to be dependent is simple: the responsibility is not on you, the responsibility is on the person you are dependent on.

“So people have made a schizophrenic way of life. They talk about truth, they talk about freedom, and they live in lies, they live in slavery – slavery of many kinds, because each slavery frees you from some responsibility.”

To continue reading this OSHO Talk, visit: Treasures of Dragons


So, it seems that it takes courage to be free!

“Very few people have that much courage. To enjoy freedom, very few people are ready. That’s why a slavery exists in different names around the world.”

To continue reading this OSHO Talk, visit: Out of Chaos Stars Are Born

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