“I don’t do drugs. I am a drug.”

– Salvador Dali 

The Stranglers – Golden Brown 

“A true artist is not one who is inspired, but one who inspires others.” 
― Salvador Dali

Pogo – Just Blue Fairy

“What is important is to spread confusion, not eliminate it.” 
― Salvador Dalí

Edwyn Collins – A Girl Like You

“I am not strange. I am just not normal.” 
― Salvador Dalí

Dave Brubeck – Golden Brown
 Rosenfeld – Dangerous Woman

“Take me, I am the drug; take me, I am hallucinogenic” 
― Salvador Dali

The Swell Season – “Low Rising”
Pharrell Williams – It Girl

“I am not strange. I am just not normal.” 
― Salvador Dalí

Grafa – Искам те 

“One day it will have to be officially admitted that what we have christened reality is an even greater illusion than the world of dreams.” 
― Salvador Dali

Lost Queen

“Every morning when I wake up, I experience an exquisite joy —the joy of being Salvador Dalí— and I ask myself in rapture: What wonderful things is this Salvador Dalí going to accomplish today?” 
― Salvador Dalí

“The thermometer of success is merely the jealousy of the malcontents.” 
― Salvador Dali

“There is nothing more awful, insulting, and depressing than banality.”

― Anton Pavlovič Čechov

TINO – Повтаряш / Povtaryash

“You have to systematically create confusion, it sets creativity free. Everything that is contradictory creates life” 
― Salvador Dalí

“Everything alters me, but nothing changes me.” 
― Salvador Dali

Pharrell Williams – Gust of Wind

“The secret of my influence has always been that it remained secret.” 
― salvador dali

“It is not necessary for the public to know whether I am joking or whether I am serious, just as it is not necessary for me to know it myself.” 
― Salvador Dali


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